Granollers Half Marathon, 1st of february 2015

Warning: This is an automatic translation from the original blog post in catalan.

Half of Granollers is recognized as one of the best in Catalonia and Spain. I have never run across enough as to say it, but I’ve run this is undoubtedly the most spectacular number of participants and organizers. Obviously, I must say that I am Granollers therefore has an extra charm running through the streets of my city and surrounding area, and the fact that I know a lot of people among the entertainers who will take on the latter and washers burdensome two kilometers to reach the goal.

This is the fifth year running, and has never stopped growing. Up to 12,000 runners are at this stage (which has a 25 euros per head for a picotaço organization). Previously it was up and down the same road (the main Garriga), with which it had the opportunity to cross-up with the leaders, who came fletxats towards the goal. But since a few years has split the thing, going along the river gorge and down the main road. I prefer this route in the truth, to be nicer and less hard.

The whole atmosphere of this weekend is spectacular in the Middle Granollers (in fact, Granollers say that there seems only the festival and the Middle where everyone volcano there, while the rest of the year is not known at all to be a very participatory city). In fact it was precisely this that made me run it for the first time, passion am passionate about the city there. You can already see the show runner and delivery of numbers and gifts, with long tails and a general feeling of excitement in the air. This year, by the way, the gifts were a screen that I have not tried it but it can be good and for the third consecutive shirt Adidas (the main sponsor of the average), orange (the color of which is, certainly I have more shirts techniques). 25 euros is quite euros to run, and if it is true that the organization is a luxury gifts are good pleasure appreciate a choice of 8 euros to run without gifts. Obviously this is proposed for dreamers, as anyone in the organization or the sponsors are interested, but I say the same. It is clear that this money is used, for example, to convince the first swords ultra global fund. The last couple of years the big attraction is the Kenyan Wilson Kipsang, bronze medal in marathon at the London Olympics, former world record holder in the distance and winning some prestigious marathons such as London, Berlin and New York . In the recent past we have had here in the Ethiopian Gebreselassie Halie or malograr Samuel Wanjiru, who holds the record of the test with a brutal 59:26. Joke.

On Saturday evening there is a mini marathon, with categories from 3 years (200 meters) to 12 (1500). And despite a rainy and windy afternoon, the races were a success. Over 1000 participants from all ages. This course also serve to see endearing images of crying children and parents forcing them to run, pulling them out of hand. Beautiful.

Mitja Marató de Granollers

At the end of these races for children, there is also the traditional race of giants, which involved some of the giants of Granollers and other people involved with the Middle. Spectacular view all arremangats by running the giant street of the city. However, this year I did not see it, so I do not know what won. Not that it matters much.


But the highlight is Sunday. The races begin quite late compared to other medium I know. It is not until 1030 that gives access to the Middle Fourth, the introduction of about 5 km (and says so literally in the race rules). Again, more than 1000 participants, who want to be part of the party but do not dare to long distance, give color to it.


A few minutes later came to drawers, most participants of the Half Marathon. Up to five different steps based on previous times, not to cause plugs (which is also n’ocasionen, but this is inevitable). I, with my usual time of 1: 53-1: 56 left in the fourth drawer, the penultimate, identified by the color blue.


This year came very trained. Different circumstances he could not make out too long runs, and a half had gone to run only once a week. As if that were not enough, last week had knee injury, and even thought at some point that my participation in danger. But as the week progressed things improved. I knew, however, that if you hurt me like that because after eight half legs had nothing more to prove, would stop. So I took the race without any pressure, without any expectation of a good time.

But since this relationship training – results sometimes seems a bit random, the thing is that I felt very well during almost the whole race. After a slow first mile in 5:35 over, because of the crowds at the start, I took half a pace throughout the climb to La Garriga 5:24. At mile 27 I spent 5 minutes. Typically used to suffer a little about 7-8 km, but this year I felt strong and well all the time, and I got the feeling Garriga be more full than any other year. Usually the hardest part is the eternal ascent through the center of La Garriga. Almost a mile slight but steady rise, with narrow cobbled streets, I remember dying on other occasions. Well, this year was no drama, and went at a good pace even overtaking people. I went through the 10 kilometer, almost half with 53:50, taking the breath that gives you Qurei crowd are cheering the runners. The rise not just to kilometer 11, the respite behind the church and then we start the walk with slight downhill very nice. If you walk the other years only served to restore breathing, while most people saw me overtaking and gain momentum by the fall, this year I also was one of those. In fact, up to 14 or 15 kilometer went very well. From there, he began breaking the legs up and down the area of the fatigue Llerona already began to notice, leaving me even a little stuck in the past some respite. I also remember in this area have suffered like a dog in other editions, facing the sun (which is kryptonite to me). Maybe this year the cold wind force that accompanied us for most of the race was somewhat mitigate this effect, because I remember that the sun would have particularly bothered. The last four kilometers or so from a little beyond the city of Les frankly are down slightly and steadily. This is also appreciated, as the legs are already some chips after so many kilometers. From here, too, is when you start to accumulate a larger amount of people, that will not stop growing until the finish. These last four kilometers are a constant desire, sometimes even dying, that the meters go and arrive early goal. It took a good enough pace to make personal best, and definitely came animated, but I was strong enough legs to squeeze as much. So it was only keep up, and quickly brought into the washers immense amount of people who are concentrated in the center of Granollers, I could glimpse the banner last mile, down there on the horizon, the finish line . Oh wait, that is not yet the finish line, but there are four or five arches various sponsors before finally crossing the ultimate power lines and stop the timer. 1:51:35, almost two and a half minutes faster than my best time so far. Fantastic and amazing.


Obviously, time is 1:51:35 necessarily spectacular. In fact, over 5000 runners made better time than me. For the record, the winner of this year has been, as it was last year, Wilson Kipsang with a discrete time (he, of course) in 1:02:39. But this is not a fight with other riders but with the same (as the ad says Asics), but I can not be satisfied.

Each year, this is the fifth running Granollers Half Marathon and take the drive and motivation to run with any other Catalonia. Today I Granollers 5’s, 1 Montornès, Calella 1, 1 and 1 Empúries Banyoles. So I’m at the door to make my tenth half marathon, something that would have considered unthinkable a few years ago. This season was thinking maybe make Girona (late April), although still to be seen. And maybe after the next year I start to look shorter races and mountain because I somewhat boring races so long asphalt. Anyway, something should happen to the average of Granollers not run again.