The best of 2014: another list

Warning: This is an automatic translation from the original blog post in catalan.

At the end of the year all the blogs, websites and music magazines are filled with lists of the best albums, songs, direct, and all you need. You will not be different, we just waited for the year ended and heard things that could have happened to us (thanks, other lists!). Clarify that obviously do not mean that at any time these discs are better than others under any universal truth. They are simply the most that I’ve gotten. At the end of the year, have published hundreds of albums, dozens of which are quite good. Listen to them all, or even many, is impossible, and the value it can have a list like this is very relative. In fact, the order could be this or any other. There could have gone another set of disks. But as totohom likes to make lists and it is funny that there vamos spikes.

  1. Rival Sons – Great Southern Valkyrie

goal sounds I know Californians Rival Sons root surprise that I caused a record Trallero historically as the Earache published his excellent second album “Pressure & amp; Time, “a hard rock setantero cucumber, 2011. Three years later still the record, and still running hard rock setantero cucumbers. “Great Southern Valkyrie” is his fourth and, although it does not offer much new with respect previous installments, if it shows a constant evolution toward maturity, and a reaffirmation of his overwhelming personality. Characterized by themes and catchy melodies and vacilón as “Electric Man”, “Rich and the Poor” and the stunning “Good Things” (if not both be repeated simply perfect). For those who saw them when they came to Bikini was concertasso this year, so what we want more!

  1. Every Time I Die – From Parts Unknown

everytime and die Also do not think I had much listened to this band. Previously he had heard some loose subjects and, if were not bad, but I had not worried to follow them. In fact, I confess that I integers out of this album, as the seventh of his career, to see lists of these forces in any year, encaramat to the highest positions as best hardcore album. And the truth is that if you’re good, trapping since the first listen, with trallasso as “The Great Secret” to start with cucumbers as “Exometrium” and other scattered by the disk. Average time to whip striking and sudden changes of pace reminiscent strength to Converge more rampant.& nbsp;


  1. Septicflesh – Titan

septicflesh Septicflesh is another one of those groups that had tried to listen several times in the past, led by the constant good reviews, and I had never done anything much to say. Since I am a patient man and insistent, as soon as I saw this “Titan” I went to the market continued to insist, and this time if it was mine. In fact, I could not really tell if this album is much better than the others, perhaps fans Septicflesh I pull on it. But to me that if I entered. It may also help that (spoiler alert), two albums that caught my attention this year are the Behemoth and Triptykon, there are some withdrawal. Anyway, “Titan” convinced me. Dark, dense, environmental and aggressive at the same time. A modern and accessible black metal, orchestral and full of opportunities shook his head violently and open arms embracing power. Highlight such power that begins with “War in Heaven,” “Prometheus” and the title theme “Titan”, but the disk is recommended. Will issue with trained ears and willingness, to listen to me again the previous albums, as if to see if they enter. Like their compatriots in the known world of dark metal and extreme, Rotting Christ, suffer a little that could have a name like a teenager, but at full maturity maybe sounds a bit ridiculous. I guess the problem is directly linked to the fact that most of the bands are formed in adolescence. What will. The Septicflesh visit us in March along with Moonspell one of the most promising spring tours.

  1. The Graviators – MotherLoad

the graviators again a great album this third Graviators, that works great to remove doom / stoner / psychedelic blues rock hard setantero no one makes them much attention (ojú not have or wikipedia page!). Passenger transport you to evolve and cathartic moments with apparent ease with riffs and sticky nasal voice. Starting with the vacilón “Leif Last Breath”, and made long Topics like “Lost Lord” (for me the best of the disc) or Druid’s Ritual alternate with pieces like the initial direct vacilón “Leif Last Breath”, and all everywhere we find passages “Jammer” and atmospheric, interspersed with live rock and guitar (for example, “Tigress of Syberia” and “Drowned in Leaves.” Black Sabbath’s influence is obvious, but the Swedes know how to mix all a number of influences that make, without inventing anything new at all, they sound fresh and compact. This year also we had in Barcelona, specifically in the Ritual Riff Fest with Karma to Burn a couple more. a concert I lost miserably, which I think would have happened if not at that time have had this album as I have heard so far.

  1. Anathema – Distant Satellites

anathema the Anathema is perhaps one of the most controversial albums of the year. We assume that the English band has impressive giving birth records almost from its inception, no not only bad, but noticeable below. This “new” stage slower atmsofèrica and female, totally removed from the metal discs scratched perfection in this and two previous “Distant Satellites”, “We’re Here Because We’re Here” and “Wheather Systems” are simply spectacular, so the expectations were on top.The album is undoubtedly rare. The first part follows the force that drives these patterns mentioned. In fact, the first two parts of “The Lost Song” act somewhat the same way that the two “Untouchables” from “Weather Systems”: same idea developed in two ways, the first and fastest growing, and second slower and noise. Does not reach the level of “Untouchable” because the “Untouchable” is quite competitive, but also high sting. “Ariel” and “Anathema” are also two issues that come at you with a lot of soul without problem. Perhaps in general are half step below the previous albums, but not clash at all. The second disc is the introduction of a series of electronic elements that are a novelty in the discography of Anathema. Well, there had played a bit in the past, such as the vocoder of “Closer,” but never so explicitly as such here. In principle these issues sound a little weird, but some scouts are the Pill grace, especially the topic title. Personally I still prefer the first part of the album, but I can understand this evolution. The level of compositional Anathema is very high, and if they decide that the next album is mostly electronic, then I welcome and respect. Not my favorite album of the British at all, but still deserves a top 20. And these if I had the chance to see them this year, and not one but twice: Be the first and later in the Prog Apollo in his own tour, as always flaunting his infallibility live.

  1. Karma to Burn – Arch Stanton

karma to burn I confess that I was surprised that the Karma to Burn, at this stage, unless they have an album that I like as much as this. I dare not say that it is “as good” as I have not seen too bright criticism even has spent much unnoticed, but I think the best album since his return label in 2010, slightly irregular, and after years of inactivity. Stoner rock instrumental riffs without compromise hesitate and nasty ingredients are usual trio of West Virginia, which this album is also accompanied by a very compact production and making it sound gordo particularly heavy. It is difficult to remember the names of the songs ourselves, and highlights a more coherent than to special topics. However, I emphasize “Fifty-Six” and “Fifty-Four”. As a curiosity, and now they see that the fifties saw an issue of the past have recovered to incorporate it into this album, also the excellent “Twenty-Three,” which, given numbering, date for more than 15 years. Others who also played the Riff Fest Ritual and also I lost miserably.

  1. Cannibal Corpse – A Skeletal Domain

Cannibal Corpse Neither of Cannibal Corpse pepinaco as expected at this stage. At first listen, the album certainly I liked these legends Death Metal from Kill, or perhaps more there and everything. Ojú not not invent nothing aggressive and technical death metal, mostly fast, all trademarks of sound Cannibal Corpse life. While riding on the low spectacular Mr. Webster, work foolproof guitars and drums and voice in Corpsgrinder, perhaps the best death metal scene (and for my taste, without much doubt, much better than Chris Barnes). What sets this disk, since they do not like that, is possibly the inspiration for the songs. For me “Sadistic embodiment”, “Icepick Lobotomy” and especially “Kill or Become” have all the ingredients to become a classic of the band. Cannibal also visited us this year and I lost them to me, although this was due to circumstances beyond, and they’ve looked hard sometimes. Follow Olympus death metal, and what they do are totally untouchable.

  1. Lazer / Wulf – The Beast of Left and Right

lazerwulf something curious second disc of Lazer / Wulf, as has been announced and discussed everywhere as it is a palindrome. That is, it is symmetrical. No symmetric point by point to note and note, but in a slightly more palindromic strike. Pieces of songs are repeated here and there, up and down, not necessarily palindromic moments, but in a carousel of ups and downs, a roller coaster math and mostly instrumental progressive metal with touches of jazz metalcores and other directly . I palindromisme it’s not just watched, as I shall tell you, and go than a publicity stunt than anything else. This does not exempt at all, “The Beast of Left and Right” discarraco be an absurd and original, if it is true that it offers the best of itself if you hear it over. It’s easy to stand out songs like “Concentric Eyes” or “We are the Mound Boulders”, but the album is filled temazos, and temazos within temazos. A couple of these issues were already as demos on their first album, released in 2009. The Lazer / Wulf come from the prolific Georgia lately provides excellent bands with great generosity. One Kylesa are, precisely to have sponsored Lazer / Wulf, although not resemble too musically, to the point of take them on tour around the world and also in Barcelona. In short, an excellent album for a group that does not move more mass, but it must be taken into account.

  1. At the Gates – At War with Reality

at the Gates At the Gates of the return is the most anticipated of the year. After retiring just published its disc key influentíssim the “Slaughter of the Soul” in 1995, returning 19 years later not willing to ruin his legend. It is true that in recent years have been gathering for some festivals here and there, but now it seems that At the Gates definitely return. This is great news. It is inevitable to compare the history of the Swedes this year with the return, on 2013, another legend norantera like Carcass. “Surgical Steel” was pepinasso that left me speechless. “At War with Reality” for my taste, so it comes up, but not detract at all from the previous discography At The Gates. Not seem to have gone over the years, and “At War with the Reality” grasping where the left “Slaughter of the Soul”. With a feeling and a production darker and slightly slowed down, the disc contains all trademarks that led to At the Gates to be one of the icons of melodic death metal and a current mirror so many metalcore bands. The latter, perhaps even too much. The brothers Bjorli after walking more or less the untimely Anders of The Haunted last year, still the piece revolves around the music of the band, always accompanied battery sharp Adrian Erlandsson and the characteristic voice of Thomas Lindberg. Following the haunting intro “The Altar of Dios Unknown” songs like “Death and the Labyrinth”, the title theme, “The Conspiracy of the Blind” and “The Book of Sand” pieces are 100% At the Gates, fast and accurate with sharp riffs, while “The Circular Ruins” and “The Head of the Hydra” maybe a bit away from this pattern, dark and heavy. Can not miss the classic instrumental interlude with “City of Mirrors.” Overall the album flows very easily and is more than worth a return return. On March 8 we will have at Razzmatazz 2 framed in one of the tours “Route to Resurrection Fest” festival promotional Galician. No missing.

  1. Pallbrearer – Foundations of Burden

Pallbearer of all the many revival bands of doom that run these days, Pallbearer is what convinces me more. And in this second album have amply confirmed. If you play your debut, “Sorrow and Extinction”, published in 2012, it seemed excellent with “Foundations of Burden” have passed the Arkansas and definitely established as one of the greats. Topics long, dark, sad, depressed and heavy, with a magnificent composition, evolution and riffs that get caught immediately. The first part of the album, in particular, formed by the triad “Worlds Apart”, “Foundations” and “Watcher in the Dark” seems insuerable, and while I think that if it is then difficult to maintain attention with this as I have said all I had to say. At the forefront of a style that is “fashionable”, the Pallbearer have everything to succeed. This year also we had in Barcelona, framed within the cartel Ritval CVLT Festival, which took part in the context of their European tour with YOB. And who were lucky enough to see them insist they snap it. As a final postscript, the Pallbearer just been confirmed for this year’s Primavera Sound 2015 (and Electric Wizard). If you told me that doom is fashionable!

  1. Agalloch – The Serpent and the Sphere

Agalloch I confess my weakness for this kind of black metal that make them accessible Agalloch, a little” pop “even enganxosisme for some subjects (one two three, throw yourself -I above all!). For some time now the Portland with 20 year career and five albums behind them, are very popular in America, but in Europe I get the feeling that not just take off. Maybe because they make a very American kind of black metal. In Europe we have other visions of gender, we have been the founders and major champions, but perhaps difficult for us to embrace others variations. The fact is that “The Serpent and the Sphere” is another great album of Agalloch (not the first), where long and complex issues (“Birth and Death of the Pillars of Creation,” “Plateau of the Ages “) with things most direct and accessible (the great” The Astral Dialogue “), and beautiful acoustic interludes (the serpentusos” Caput Serpents “,” Cor Serpentis “and” Serpents Tail “) finally formed a musical experience full of ups and downs but cohesive prefectament that grabs you and does not let go until the last puntejos of “Serpents Tail.” A round disc.

  1. Behemoth – The Satanist

behemoth The Behemoth is one of the albums of the winners of this year unanimously. Is at the forefront of many lists and even opened his eyes to the metal end to a lot of people there was even remotely interested. If more skeptical, I would say there is a point of “hipsterisme” (sorry for using a word so unusually frequent) around this album and this band, but since I’m not, God save me, me Are you saying it. You can not say that it has received criticism spectacular album are not deserved, probably because “The Satanist” is the best work of Polish metallers. And since we are talking of their tenth album. But his black / death characteristic combined this time with an excellent production environment and a selection of compositions absolutely brilliant. The Behemoth never desegradat me, but it has never been able to find topics which flew head. Well this album and there to sell. “Blow your Trumpets Gabriel” will anthem, but I love “Messe Noire”, “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer”, “The Satanist” and the spectacular “O Father O Satan O Sun!” Which closes the album. The Polish trio then finished with Nergal recovered from leukemia, living the best moment of his career. Last year they played at the Hellfest Leyendas and triumphed, and that next year we will have the Resurrection, and who knows if a tour rooms peninsula.

  1. The Haunted – Exit Wounds

The Haunted after the debacle that occurred last year in the ranks of the Haunted, with up surprisingly unfriendly and the singer Peter Dolving and his alma mater Anders Bjorli (which up to re at the Gates full time), we expected little of the future of the Swedes. Since it is not a great album like this waiting for me, but even I expected that the band are still active, given the dispersed and welcoming rather loose their last albums rather experimental. But it seems that the band was not ready for it to happen at all. And the plan passed by the return of Marco Aro voices and return to the style that led to success. Well, success is … not a group that have never been successful. We restate: a return to the style that became one of my favorite bands. And is not that what they have done recently with Peter Dolving dislike, because if they did. But for my taste, no point of comparison with their first 3 albums. And this is exactly where the road takes “Exit Wounds”. As if no time had passed and as if right after “One Kill Wonder”. Whip mercilessly sharp and aggressive, inherited directly from their “parents” At the Gates, but with a touch more hardcore that characterized the Haunted. No tregua from the beginning with “317” and “Cutting Teeth” through “Psychonaut”, “Eye of the Storm”, “Time (Will not Heal),” “All I Have”, “Infiltrator” … We are talking about a complete collection of temazos, personally, I love. I am very pleased that the return of “The Haunted”, and I hope that this training can keep time. We have now announced dates there, but I am astonished that no spend an hour or another. See if it’s true.

  1. Triptykon – Melania Chasmata

triptykon Along with the Behemoth,” Melani Chasmata “is the unanimous winner of the season. Who had told Mr. Thomas Fischer (also nicknamed Tom Warrior), founder of the legendary Hellhammer and Celtic Frost no less legendary, which is the widespread recognition at this stage. Swiss musician’s career has taken many turns. Hellhammer are considered one of the pioneers of death and black metal, and Celtic Frost are one of the great cult groups of extreme metal, entering into terrain or gothic doom. But since the mid-nineties, the first separation of Celtic Frost, Thomas Fischer’s career and his group has been in the best of cases, irregular. In 2009, however, Fischer left the Frost Triptykon definitely back to form with a group of young musicians. The group played clubs darker and even industrial, and debuted in 2010. This 2014 is the year of his consecration, with the publication of a round “Melania Chasmata.” Aggressiveness sharp, heavy, oppressive environments. A long drive but you consistently generates a constant anxiety from the appropriate “Suffocating Tree of Souls” which opens the album (with this kind of banjo from the middle of the issue) to the trio that closes the album, for me the best part: “In the Sleep of Death”, “Black Snow” and female “Waiting.” A very good album, which for me is not so high as llisteros for most of the season, but that does not take away any merit.

  1. Opeth – Pale Communion

Opeth very great anticipation to hear this new album of Opeth. After the rift that led to their previous album, “Heritage”, which moved away from death metal, there were doubts about which direction to take now Mikael Åkerfeldt. Well, it seems that death metal definitely belongs to the past study of Swedish geniuses because “Pale Communion” even farther east than its predecessor. Entering into the prog classic rock bands and Drinking seventy Goblin or Camel, this is an album that will not leave anyone indifferent and definitely will also generate controversy. I must confess that my “Heritage” I do not dislike anything, but first listen to “Pale Communion” I did a little heavy. Quickly I liked the single “Cusp of Eternity” (which seems excellent with oriental flair: direct, melodic, groovy towards classic …) and most environmental “Elysian Woes.” But the rest …. hummmm … as Opeth is one of my bands reference I gave them more opportunities (which might not have done with other bands), and in the end it goes click. “Eternal Rains Will Come” opens the album so hypnotic and very seventies “Goblin” and “River” (a beautiful evolution) temazos are indisputable. “Faith in Others” which closes with an almost cinematic feel. Overall the album is very worked and, despite criticism, I see true. Not far from my favorite album of the group (from Still Life to Watershed all albums are masterpieces and extasiants), but still I like a lot. Be the Prog! 2014 became one of the concerts of the year and, although not yet announced, and I suppose that we here soon again presenting this “Pale Communion.”

  1. Ghost Brigade – IV: One with the Storm

Ghost Brigade the Ghost Brigade was the album that I liked this year at the first hearing. I found out that not even come out, and when I did I wanted to hear three or four songs to continue with the rest later. I found it impossible, as the album caught me completely. The bad news, however, is that to be a serious contender for my album of the year, subsequently deflated somewhat. No longer a discasso I like a lot, but there is definitely more than I liked. The fourth album from Finnish has everything you expect from an album of doom / death melodic. Very dark environment, with similarities ranging from anyorats Before the Down and through Katatonia and groups to Finnish gothic and more “commercial” as HIM and The Rasmus. Parts Nyonya force, and queixiques mourners, especially the voice, and other more decisive, as the first “Wretched Blues” or my favorite, “The Knife”. “Aurora” shows an evolution in general very beautiful and sounds katatònica. The long “Electra Complex” in the middle of the disc, it is perhaps a little heavy, but others as mentioned temazos or “Pillars and Anchors” for it. A great album, full of remarkable melodies and atmospheres, and flows perfectly. The Ghost Brigade came a little tapadillo and Deals in Ritval CVLT Fest (overshadowed by the excitement of the wonderful tour YOB + Pallbearer), published a few weeks before this album.

  1. Mastodon – Once More ‘Round the Sun

Mastodon I am sure of is the Mastodon album that I’ve heard this year. Well, actually, I’m just not sure, but you know, that’s why I statistics to substantiate it. It’s one of those albums controversial generated conflicting opinions, and has been seen as the turning point of the Mastodon to the mainstream audience. As I mentioned in the chronicle of his concert in Barcelona in December, I honestly do not think at all so different to the previous disc. The quartet of Georgia has always evolved and nuanced his music in each album, and so we had progressive and Baroque works as “Crack the Skye” as the most powerful things and “heavies” in “Leviathan”, or something lighter and up even a little punk in “The Hunter.” “Once More ‘Round the Sound” is certainly some melodic parts that were not present in previous albums, with more prominence drummer Brann Dailor on vocals, but musically is a Mastodon album at all. We are talking about a ristra of temazos. “Tread Lightly” is excellent for opening. The catchy chorus of “The MotherLoad” is perhaps a little excessive, but it’s still enjoyable and easily let you go. “High Road” is for me the best single of the album, followed closely by “Chimes at Midnight”. Weaknesses are so “Aunt Lisa” as “Ember City” and the final “Diamonds in the Witch House” with the collaboration of classic neurotic Scott Kelly, is an issue that reminds Mastodon any previous album. I think in general it remains a wonderfully cohesive group with an impressive compositional talent, and they are certainly destined to be the greatest in the coming decades. If you have to get through melodic and catchy choruses make this as I do not know, but I have come that very clear.

  1. Black Book Lodge – Tundra

black book lodge the big surprise this year’s staff is Danish trio. A recommendation random Spotify (not everything will be complaints) was discovered that the debut album of Black Book Lodge, a group virtually unknown even in his native Denmark, which have less than 2000 likes on Facebook. Do not dare to say that “Tundra” is objectively one of the best albums of the year. This is difficult to say. Moreover, if I have come to discover a group of filly so small … many small groups with exceptional records remain to be discovered, waiting a moment filly? The fact is that I impepinable this album caught me. Do not do anything particularly new, but are able to mix things already known by that sound again. The best way to describe it is obviously sending you hear it directly, but we can say that alternately take a bit of doom here, stoner rock and alternative there … even something of nu metal. .. so Mastodon and Baroness sound like Soundgarden, but cohesive and particularly inspired. This album riffero and vacilón, flowing with enviable lightness. The single “Black Sheep / Prodigal Sons” pretty well sums up everything the Black Book can offer. Then we have the riff of “Thalassa” hypnotic “Empire” or more sludgie “The Call”. One that leaves the earth is hell “Cripplegate.” And the song that gives title to the album might sound like so Gotye Godsmack us about your lenses and environmental issues. The discovery of the year.

  1. Pills Blues – Blues Pills

blue pills also on the podium this one debut album, with the difference that the Blues Pills had long known that, since they take two or three years taking some hard turning and EP , calling the door seekers retro rock and blues setantero. Meanwhile the mother are Radio Moscow, where we had two of its members, and certainly there are a musical retreat, but here is the distinctive voice of Erin janisjoplinera torbellinosa and Larsson. As already pointed to EPs and singles previously published compositional talent of these Swedes is a step in front of many other groups that are now targeted fashion to revive the hard rock setantero, bearded and flared. Here doses of psychedelia, hard rock and blues with touches of soul and even jazz. It is obvious that there is love Zeppelin, nor are too intent to conceal it. Vacile attitude and musical voice of the devastating Erin flying over it all. An album that is very short, with “High Class”, “Jupiter,” the shining “No Hope Left for Me” with sweet things like “River” or “Little Sun”. I do not know if this style revival time as a particular future has too much or fall as suddenly as it appeared forgotten, but in the meantime here’s a discasso as “Blues Pills” by not having to think about it too much.

  1. Revocation – Deathless

revocation it took weeks of listening and writing, but we have finally reached the number 1 (and not deny that already wanted!). The great promise of the current metal. Bright, original, aggressive, funny. For some discs that I finished qualifying for Revocation define what they are doing lately. The Man With David Davidson, head, freshness with this Boston headquarters is able to offer a discarraco year is impressive. Compositionally, Davidson is on another level. Hilarious riffs and solos, Revocation is one of the few groups in the world who are able to frequently start my laughter. No smiles, not laughter. Some changes or riffs are hilarious. Their self-titled album last year I liked, and I confess that “Deathless” I took a couple of scouts, but once entered, I have totally trapped. In fact, afternoon catch me absolutely reach 3 minutes of the first theme, “A Debt Owed To The Grave”, where it already offers series. “Labyrinth of Eyes”, with classic and riffacos changes, is this you bust your head, and it has now reached its peak with “Scorched Earth Policy”, a song round t’explota hands and that it contains best Of the Revocation: is aggressive but melodic solos has a spectacular, colorful and light, is even sticky …. “Blackest Reaches”, “The Fix” … after temazo temazo. With “Apex” and “Witch Trails” (two other temazos too) seem to want to open up the sound a bit. After five albums as only five, is even more surprising that do not have public recognition (the critics have it all), so I hope that this “openness” will serve to expand the public deserve to expand. “Deathless” contains elements of jazz less than previous albums, except for some “Stop” on the drums, and I do not know if it is above or below other albums Revocation of them. This year we had around the opening tour of Cannibal Corpse. A cartellaco undoubtedly.& nbsp;It was hard and long, but already we’ve got. Twenty discarros. And that 2015 does not start bad. So far, albums Sylosis, Raised Fist, Angelus stateless Toundra Atlas Losing Grip opositó as contenders as the top 20 of the year. There will be time.