2015: The coming festivals

Warning: This is an automatic translation from the original blog post in catalan.

These first days of the year are good not only to recap the year that just ended, but also to take a look at what to expect this 2015. A great way to rock based in Catalonia, to see what the state are those summer festivals that are more or less close and may be of interest. I have focused on festivals in Catalonia and Spain. I could have extended to virtually all of Europe, as the Hellfest, for example, is even closer to the Resurrection. But hey, we have somewhere to put the line, and will here.

Primavera Sound, Barcelona (May 28-29-30)


Primavera is always full of interesting groups of all styles, and this year is not an exception. Expensive and very full, with many people giving rage, but for those in and around Barcelona viun is required to consider it. I expected to know the final announcement of the poster to post this entry, and the truth is that I was a little cold. Evidently there are still things (or not), but for my taste there is much less, without going any further, last year. I am not going to reel off the entire bill or I will stay here without pages. And besides, why lie, do not know even half of the groups. I know half of that, there will be half that I’ve heard sounding name or only a little, definitely too little to be able to say anything. The hardest part, the doom of Electric Wizard and Pallbearer, progressive thrash Voivod, the oppression of the Swans (for my taste the best concert I saw in the edition of 2012) and post-rock of Barcelona Exxasens, which continue to grow as the foam-based touch everywhere … can also contribute in different rock Vertentes the the Black Keys, the Strokes, the Patti Smith and Babes in Toyland. The Catalans will also Nueva Vulcano. To meet all the indies that are many idols have Antony & the Johnsons, Alt-J, Belle & Sebastian, Interpol and Eels. A little more electronic indisme of the Caribou. Songwriters Damien Rice and Jose Gonzalez may be two of the most interesting festival (though hopefully not get in very large scenes. … I have to.

Personally I was very bad this year because I’m out that weekend. And honestly, I’m not particularly serious. There are only 4 or 5 groups that feel like wanting to see. Evidetment, if I would go there a little research prior certainly find more. Another point to consider (much) by the public rocker is in operation planning at least surprising, Primavera concert coincides with the AC / DC at the Olympic Stadium.

Azkena Rock Festival, Vitoria-Gasteiz (23-24-25 June)


At least this year Azkena fans can be happy because the organization has not left abandoned for months without news or confirmations and other years. We know one of the headliners: The ZZ Top, along with other interesting and varied options such as Chuck Ragan, Red Fang, Eagles of Death Metal and Television. Special mention to the meeting of the L7, which caused euphoria among potential participants. The other groups are now confirmed to Black Mountain, Off !, The Dubrovnik, Reigning Sound, White Buffalo, Powersolo, JD McPherson, Sven Hammond Highlights and locals. The festival will feature two days of concerts in the grounds of habitual Mendizabal, and complete with free concerts on the Plaza de la Virgen Blanca. For a more than reasonable price and elegant and quite enjoyable poster worth considering this festival, of all those who have had the opportunity to go there (I’m not one of them, and this year it will not changed, but hopefully it in the future) speak wonders.

Be Prog! My Friend !, Barcelona (July 11)


Be Prog was one of the big winners from last season. The festival Madness Live! surprised with excellent lineup, led by Opeth, Anathema and Fish, and an ideal location as the Spanish Village, where we could enjoy without agobiament. It was also a success and instant confirmation Riverside Ihsahn for this year. The poster is now complete and is not without its controversy: the double headliners will Camel (which contentarà those who complained that last year there was little – or nothing – classic prog) and Messhuggah (something that descontentarà) . Rounding out the main stage and the aforementioned Riverside Ihsahn, together with Katatonia and Devin Townsend Project. This year the main novelty is the introduction of an alternative scenario, located Upload room (with capacity for 300 people, which will Leprous, Haken, IQ and Messenger, and that will cause overlap between actions. Start watching to what extent this is a wise move by the organization: on one hand we have more groups on the table (10 7 this year against last year) and the opportunity to see these groups hall, instead of a festival stage, is rejoice. Moreover one of the joys of the past year is the tranquility with which you could see all the action without having to worry about running up and down, grab place in this or that stage, and so on. Personally, in this order, the concerts that interest me most are the Leprous, Riverside, Katatonia, Devin Townsend, Haken and Ihsahn. But I discovered Camel or IQ, and enjoy a concert Messhuggah, with a reputation for brutal. I will do everything impossible, and I do not like. However, the affection with which the festival organizers try this guarantees an event not to be missed.

Crossing Barcelona, Barcelona (10-11 July)


The same weekend that the Prog Be! Also at the Crossroads Barcelona. Although a priori it is diametrically different proposals in the past there have been many interesting rocks or not, in this festival, which is establishing itself as a tool for success and covers a great variety of styles. Prices are in favor (in fact today is cheaper than going to come here two days Be the Prog, which only lasts one). This year, so far, we have only confirmed such a Damien Marley, a man whose last name sounds just me.

BBK Live, Bilbao (July 9-10-11)


Also this weekend is held in Bilbao one of the biggest festivals of the peninsula. Left behind those years where the rock occupied a significant part of the poster, and totally devoted to foreign audiences, the BBK Live, which this year celebrated its tenth year, is a guarantee of success lately. If last year were sold out with a poster mediocre, do not have to do this year with Muse as big claim. The British metallers lead this year many European festivals (from Download and some Sonispheres), and maybe this will have other groups also more electric. Those confirmed so far are not much, but it would be unfair to say they are wrong. At the top, Ben Harper, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Counting Crows. Below, The Ting Tings, Future Islands, Capital Cities, Delorean and Kodaline. And below, and totally unknown to me, The Cat Empire, Arizona Baby, Zoot Woman, Shaka Ponk, Zea Mays and News Carminha. My only experience in this festival in the year 2013, was bittersweet: for the most part very good musically, but prices, little variety and quality cuisine for vegetarians, a little rock audience, Camping Quinta pino uphill and gateways let’s say you make it complicated a difficult experience.

Resurrection Fest, Viveiro (Galicia) (16-17-18 July)


Others are of the Resurrection is the tenth anniversary. This festival is definitely the one that fits my tastes, especially in recent years, when they have moved closer to the metal without forgetting its origins and spirit of punk and hardcoreta. Although this has been worth the disappointment of some sectors, has allowed the festival to grow and be more solid as a reference Peninsula. Today we know most of the poster. What we saw in last year’s edition (to which I attended) was much closer to perfection. Therefore it is very difficult to be high. To me this year does not seem so far from attractive, but for now we have a good number of groups more interesting. As headliners are Motörhead, group consensus, and Korn (which I do not like anything, but it seems to have caused positive reactions among potential participants, and have announced they will play their first full album) . The audience has the best claims hardcoreta: Refused returns of Satanic Surfers and incentives are one of the highlights of this edition. In addition, there have classics like 7 Seconds, Poison Idea or Anti-Nowhere League and modern groups like Comeback Kid or Terror. The crossover thrash and eighties also have a significant representation this year: Nuclear Assault, MOD, DRI Iron and revival Reagan or Toxic Holocaust, along with the return of a classic Spain Anesthesia. The more traditional rock and heavy is represented by Backyard Babies, Kadavar, Black Label Society or the same Motörhead, while the most extreme metal has Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Australians Ne Obliviscaris or icons ninety Fear Factory. In Flames and Children of Bodom will be coming stars mellodeath less. One of the best styles represented normal to be probably the most favorite of the participants is metalcore. Heaven Shall Burn, Darkest Hour, Dagoba, Periphery, Carnifex, Chelsea Grin … Jardín de la Croix and Syberia take his post very good metal from the peninsula, and the complete lineup MERAUD, Monuments, Death By Stereo, No Turning Back, Nasty, atone, More Than Life, Adrnalized, Dawn of the Maya, Risk It !, Get Dead, Dog Eat Dog, Intolerance, Providence, and Aphonnic Bastards on Parade. Lacking twenty bands confirmed, varied and attractive poster.

But not only headlining live Resurrection. The affection that deal with the organizers and the great atmosphere that lives in the village and campground to add incentives kicked up a thousand kilometers up there on the other side of Spain. But the area and the trip is precious, so if there is time and money, the Resurrection Fest is, once again, a highly recommended option.

Xtreme Fest, Le Garric (France, July 15-16-17)


Xtreme mention the fest as unique festival outside Spain because, from a Catalan point of view, is closer than most here (except, of course, those who are held in Barcelona). And also, why not say it, because we know that we appreciate the offers here. It takes place the same weekend that the Resurrection, and also shares much of the poster. So far we have confirmed Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Comeback Kid, Satanic Surfers, Toxic Holocaust, Cobra Iron Reagan, The Exploited, Toundra, Birds in Row, Black Bomb A, Burning Heads, Rise Of The Northstar, Get Dead, Sticky Boys . But even seem like a smaller version of the Galician festival, the price today is higher, and more than once it will reach the final. It is true that, around this festival there are a bunch of events related to the world of skateboarding that may represent an attractive extra in case there amateurs, but go … In any case, an option interesting to see some very good groups within 400 km from Barcelona.

Rock Fest Barcelona, Barcelona (July 24-25-26)


It seems that the Rock Fest wants to take the testimony of those festivals metallers who filled the last decade Spain: Metal Manias, Metalways, Sonispheres, festivals etc … large format capable of carrying groups of classical high strength profile . The Rock’n’rock of the promoter who have experimentadíssima last, this festival were removed from the sleeve a little by surprise and last time, and this year should be the confirmation. So far it seems that the bet most renowned groups (although it is true that a little under-horse-rey), and I think we still have to expect a good many more. Its location on the doorstep of Barcelona, and made it a three-day festival makes it a very attractive option, despite being the most expensive of all the festivals discussed here (except Spring), and that some things not yet defined mass (such as the existence and location of camping) appear to be minor ills facing the prospect of such an event in Barcelona same conditions.

The line currently consists mainly veterans groups, with little room somewhere emerging surprises. That if the profile is quite varied and may be appealing to different audiences. The heavy and power metal classic has Judas Priest, Accept, Helloween, WASP, Saxon, Primal Fear, Sabaton, Battle Beast or Powerwolf. We thrash bands like Annihilator, Nuclear Assault or Manchego Angelus Apatrida, death metal with Obituary, Brujería or Arch Enemy, and even the hardcore Hatebreed. Status Quo, Europe, Twisted Sister, Riot and Sebastian Bach are put in touch Hard Rock Nightwish and his operatic metal. I have the great progressive metal Dream Theater. The lineup is completed by the time some classical state: Hamlet, Warcry, and Rosendo Angeles del Infierno.

It is hoped that more bands added to all styles where there is already some. And surely bands Grandet. Not find innovative styles or vanguard, but surely enjoy rock and metal lifetime. This is what this festival promises and I am astonished that disappoint. For now, you can put a few buts.

For my part, I will be impossible to attend all three days due to other commitments but I will do my best to at least be able to go one, but two.

Leyendas del Rock, Villena (05-06-07-08 August)

cartel leyendas del rock 2015_2

The Legends is the last festival of the summer Iberian, but together with the Prog Be! It alone has already closed the poster. It is seen that the promoter of Madness Live !, which is behind these two events, does things right. To date we have sold all the fish, perhaps a lack of any last minute surprises. The Legends is also a festival full of affection, and has recently opened its sights for quite open to different styles to their traditional homeland rock. Surely the appearance of Rock Fest, fighting for a similar audience, has not done any favors, but still have enough money to provide a sufficiently attractive to not have problems getting a ticket.

With a lineup without major headliners, but an excellent middle area (and this is what I think most valued attending a festival like this), the Leyendas can enjoy this year’s most diverse groups. The classic heavy and power metal, as always, takes the cake, Gamma Ray, Edguy, Sabaton, Doro, Refuge (the original line up of Rage), Angel Witch, Sonata Arctica, Stormzone, Freedom Call, .. .. the folk metal is well represented with Finntroll, Turisas or Alestorm, and symphonic county with Within Temptation and Epica. We will dirty hard rock but with glamorous Backyard Babies, The Darkness and Reckless Love. Hard Rock sleeker with Rock Icons (an assemblage of vocalists that has Joe Lynn Turner, Eric Martin or Steve Augeri) or excel.lentíssims Blues Pills. Van Canto take a driver hits the metal of all ages sung a capella. The classic thrash come from the hand of Overkill, and especially the four kings of the Teutonic thrash gathered for the occasion brilliantly: Kreator, Sodom, Destruction and Tankard. Sepultura or Vita Imana modern variants. The death metal come from the hand of Kataklysm, and Fleshgod Apocalypse Death to All (playing entirely themes Death, Cynic and members of other line ups in the history of the legendary band from Florida). Satyricon take his dark black metal but fresh and Orphaned Land, its eastern progressive folk metal. And finally, the essence of Legends: a plethora of Spanish bands, casposes some more, some less, which will delight the regular attendees of the festival. This year we have Gigatron, VIL, Tierra Santa, Saratoga, Vhaldemar, Howitzer, Lujuria, Topo, Salán Jorge Alberto Arrionda Alchemy, paw, Zenobia, Oker, Opera Magna, Xandria, Celtiberians, Asphalt, Doris, Sherpa, Black Rose, Beethoven-R, Chino Banzai, Medina Azahara, Tako, Azrael and The Storm.

As mentioned, the line is closed. The Legends of betting on a good middle class and priced to draw us towards land alicantines. I have not ever attended (and also this year will be an exception, but I do not feel like needed), but my other attendees have complained repeatedly to the lack of shade provided in the camping area . (we can imagine the hellish heat to do Villena in mid-August). From the organizational improvements promise to offer a festival even more attractive. Musically certainly is.

So far we have confirmed today. Until recently we were still on the agenda Barcelona Metal Fest (which last year led to Within Temptation the Spanish Village), but the developer announced that this year (and the one that does not go below) is canceled. Had not announced anywhere and feel of neglect important. Besides, there’s always the hope that there Sonisphere. I doubt it very much, but Sonispheres other countries are announcing at this time (as events of a single day), and the Spanish promoter (LTI), which is used to go in a hurry. In any case, we can not complain (in relation to what we normally have here, of course. If we compare with Germany if we could complain). This year we have hard choices and quite varied, so enjoy them!