At The Gates + Wormed + Sound of Silence, 8th of march 2015, Sala Razzmatazz 2 (Barcelona)

Warning: This is an automatic translation from the original blog post in catalan.

Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated returns record last year was the Swedish At The Gates, parents and grandparents of melodic death metal metalcore that we feel today, after almost 20 years of silence composition. His new album “At War with Reality”, takes the witness where he left “Slaughter of the Soul”, and really do not think the time has passed. 17 years ago the Swedes not stepped Barcelona when accompanying Napalm Death came to the hall Razzmatazz, then where extreme metal lived better times in terms of pulling power.

Today, here lived the atmosphere of the big occasions. A Razzmatazz 2 almost full and, above all, a great atmosphere in the bars around. Unfortunately, however, and for me a little too surprisingly, the average audience was quite high, people who know the At The Gates jovenalla both contemporaneously and discovered that one of the most obvious influences resounding all Batch metallcórica. This was a disappointment to me a bit, but hey …

This concert came to be under the so-called “Routes Rescurrection Fest” promotional tours for warmth facing the Galician festival. This is the second of three that are planned for this season in December we had to Turbonegro (who played in the 2014 edition of the RF), we now have to At The Gates (who were headliners in 2012 and, honestly, I do not at all surprised that they were present at the 2015 edition), and finally in mid-April to have Sick of it All, which are one of the groups banner of Resurrection and have played a few times, the last one in the last edition.

For this tour we have two opening act Spanish media name little hard but with good solvency. Both were also present, very early in the Resurrection Fest 2014. And interestingly, although I attend this festival, I did not see any of the two concerts.

Responsible for opening the evening, and as an appreciable amount of public in the room were the Asturian Sound of Silence. Indeed heavily influenced by At The Gates, are a melodic death metal / metalcore style Black Dahlia Murder. Disk I dislike anything, but live sound, accompanied them pretty soon. Attempts constant singer (with a nano air gigatrònics something) to make the public were moved very little successful, starting just a few palms and thanks. I had only heard their last album (which is the only Spotify, by the way), they have four, and I did not know too recognize the issues touched. Surely ended, though, with “A cemetery tombstones sin,” which despite being quite temazo disk, live was concealed by the sonic maranya that invaded the room.


Interestingly, the style of Wormed not shoot me especially. If the Sound of Silence I disliked study, the truth is that the brutal technical death metal and very guttural, science-themed Wormed not tell me much of anything, but the concert left me speechless. The quintet Madrid might not enjoy great fervor within our borders, but have a quite high reputation in the rest of Europe. And the truth is that not surprise me, because it is a real live apissonadora, playing with a fantastic sound and precisició worthy of the leading bands of the style. The complicated and highly technical comments that were flowing between personal approval. I can not differentiate some of the other issues because, as I said, not too dominate their discography, but the concert seemed to frame and clearly the best of the evening. Apart from the purely musical and instrumental quality, to mention the careful staging, especially for pints of Nosferatu (possibly unintentional) bassist.


And only then were the stars of the night. Very curious to see the At The Gates, as “Slaughter of the Soul” is, since it came out, one of my albums header. For my age, I just stick when folded, and I have followed very closely the career of The Haunted, and I love that kind of started as a spinoff of At The Gates, with three of its five members). For some years the Swedish quintet seem flirting with this meeting, but was not until last year that has established beyond casual for some summer festival, and came with her, even fifth album, “At War with Reality”, which seems to me excellent, combining the strength present in “Slaughter of the Soul” with a certain darkness that had previous albums.

The decor was more sober setting. Three copies of the cover of “At War with Reality,” a backdrop (which it does not see half) and two large towers covering both sides of the battery. The concert began, esperadament, like their last album, the magnificent and disturbing intro “The Altar of Unknown Dios” (in Spanish), stuck with “Death and the Labyrinth.” Before people could be put into place, two hitazos “Slaughter of the Soul” and “Cold”, and we have convinced everyone and delivered. It is always special to see a concert of these groups have continued for so many years. Thomas Lindberg its classical hat (and I do not know why, constantly entering and exiting the stage making those moments, though short, not singing), brothers Bjorli, although not too charismatic, carrying the baton creative and great commander Adrian Erlandsson situation drumsticks in hand. One of the key bands of modern metal.


It was difficult setlist disappointment. As expected, the concert focused on “At War with Reality” (which sounded in 8 subjects intro) and “Slaughter of the Soul” (represented with 7 subjects). The subjects of the latter were the most celebrated, highlight “Suicide Nation” (which meant ecstasy after pasting the film “City of Mirrors,” a mode interlude) “World of Lies “and” Blinded by Fear “which opened twice. But the truth is that the new songs did not clash at all, sounding powerful and perfectly integrated with the earlier material. I would even say that they run better than the rest of the repertoire: the topic titled, “Eater of Gods”, “The Book of Sand” or the mysterious “The Night Eternal” with what ended the concert sounded fantastically. There was no place for little older albums of the band. In “Terminal Spirit Disease” only touched the topic title, while there were a couple of issues for each of their first two albums. And the truth is that even in the most missed. For my taste, and I know that many old-school fans will not agree, the first two albums are a bit rarunos and I do not marvel mass structures strange and sometimes prove her feel incomplete. Not to say that there are good songs, of course, such as “Windows”, but for me they are very far from albums round. A “Terminal Spirit Disease” because you intuit a little ways to go on the thing, but I do not want to head to the “Slaughter of the Soul”.


In total, approximately an hour and a quarter without much whip stalls, which left the audience almost cramming Razz 2 very satisfied, and me. Details as negative (and perhaps blasphemous now), I thought the execution was generally a bit clumsy. Anders Bjorli solos (which for me would hesitate quality) sounded like interspersed and gave me the feeling that did not quite nail it. Except for some very specific issues (I emphasize again “Suicide Nation” and some songs from the new album) group did not sound quite compact, and the overall sound was much improved. We all know that the Razz Room 2 is better than it sounds, but Wormed a while before they explode, so it is perfectly possible. So my verdict is that the songs and the selection of subjects itself was excellent, as well as the attitude of the band, but as sound as the execution left to be desired.

It was excellent but a live concert, as few others lately, I was transported to that in the second half of the nineties I started to discover live music, both as the concert itself and the atmosphere in the room nearby. M’ensumo return that will continue in the future, and this album and reunion tour will follow new tour and new album. I hope that by the time the new metal fans have had time to set up, and are interested in seeing one of the most influential bands in the last 25 years.


Finally, we discuss only the curious parallel between two of the key bands of the nineties these great extreme music: At the Gates and Carcass: having left it in the peak of their careers, having created styles that have influenced tens bands later separated until just now, where they have taken excellent albums that are completely at the height of his legacy. In At The Gates we have already seen here. The mole that there could soon see also the Carcass!