Ed Sheeran, November 24th 2014, Sant Jordi Club (Barcelona)

Warning: This is an automatic translation from the original blog post in catalan.

Our birthday gift for the teenager in the house was a ticket to see your favorite artist today. As the teenager in the house is 15 years old and the minimum age to attend unaccompanied by an adult are 16, I will gladly volunteer to be the adult show. The concerts are always fun, even for an artist who mostly do not know, and that is definitely outside my usual theoretical range of tastes.

The schedules were published by the promoter: 18:30 opening doors, 19:30 the opening act (such a Saint Raymond) and 21.00 Ed Sheeran. As Jett seems to have no particular interest in seeing the Saint Raymond, we organize ourselves to reach about 19.45, and would take time to a good place, and at least see a piece. From what little I had heard sounded like a modern indie pop and more or less generic, it would have been fun to live. But I was to get to the door, and saw a tail that gave back to the corner. We started to look for their end, seeing that gave back to another corner, and still another, then made a essa, finally ending at the gates of the Palau Sant Jordi large, with the prospect of an hour 15 minutes waiting. Inconceivable for a concert by 3000 or 4000 people maximum. I do not know if it is the fault of the developer or the design of the premises, but the only access road to Sant Jordi Club was a tiny door where people went incoming and very spaced in pairs. Surely this could have been solved in many ways (eg by putting more security lines xequejar more people at once), but it seems incredible that, keep in mind that it is the first concert that is there, you can have acted so incompetent. I had never been to St. George Club and nearby visits will go with feet of lead on this issue.

The unexpected time in the queue allowed us to put ourselves in a situation quickly: our fellow concert series, mostly teenage girls, mixed with some (few) adolescent boys, but more or less significant presence of people all ages (many concerned parents, but adults are going by their own will). Infantilesa To illustrate the general situation, I asked a beer salesman covering our area. He looked at me with sudden confusion of face to tell me that they only had water Coke. Fortunately, people are efficient and well organized, and after a couple of shouts and some sliding appeared another seller of the same cooperative with my beer desired.

At 9 o’clock, and still hundreds of people behind us, finally we entered the room. Almost time to take place, so the other part was difficult because people apilotonada to the front, and the lights went out, amid the widespread hysteria were revel.lar 6 large screens that accompany throughout the evening. I immediately came the small figure of the hero of the night with an acoustic guitar hanging from the neck, and received a huge ovation. The first thing we see is that he is the only scenario: no band, no auxiliary instruments. I quickly check that lack or missing. Playing guitar loops and vocals; creating percussion giving pats on the guitar (or rather a tool that had stuck to the guitar, and the sound picked up by passing it filters, it also utiltzant loop) creates layers of sound that at times they sound really powerful.


It is obvious that the bulk of the popularity of Ed Sheeran is held in (the) teenage fan. But it is not a teen idol in use. To begin with, is a musician, with all that that means. Probably has always supported agents and record companies, but clearly is not a product. It is not even particularly appealing. If you have an innocent smile that seemed to melt that had fans around me, but be aware that, in absolute abused. Also the hysteria of the fans, although obviously it is no exaggeration, far from fainting, avalanches, and the nonsense that you see sometimes.

For my taste, there was too much time “sweet” (I do not want to say “apastelats”), which did not seem bothered at all to the public, who knew all the songs of bread foot, sometimes sounding much more volume speakers. But many times succeeded in creating complex and dense atmospheres that made me enjoy while mixed with soul or rap rhythms country. Subjects were dropping their only two albums to date, called “+” and “x” to meet approximately 1 hour and 45 minute concert. Personally I recognized very few subjects with normal little had heard. Only what I think are the most popular: “I See Fire”, which belongs to the soundtrack of the second part of the trilogy of Hobbit, and “Sing”, possibly discotequera song, which served to close concert, in a somewhat steep indeed, as he left leaving the public by the chorus of the song without saying goodbye or anything. After the perfect communion between artist and audience gave the impression that it falls a more emotional farewell. Although perhaps it is as well.

Special mention game images on the screens, simple but very effective. Generally focused on Sheeran cameras from different angles and with different effects for each song were an Essential part of the show. Accustomed to metal and rock concerts, where the focus is above all music, it is curious to go to a concert where the focus is on the person.


About Sant Jordi Club, which he visited for the first time said that I did not like too much. The sound was not bad, but was rather long and narrow in terms of visibility strength left to be desired. We will see how a rock concert.

In short, a totally enjoyable concert, although he does not particularly like. A guy with charisma, communication and authentic, it feels comfortable on stage (it helps to have the public as delivered). Nor will suddenly put me to listen to his records, but the map course of mainstream fashion and he is benevolent to predict a successful future. At least as successful as his successful present.