Kreator + Arch Enemy + Hell + Drone, 28th November 2014, Razzmatazz 1 (Barcelona)

Warning: This is an automatic translation from the original blog post in catalan.

Barcelona comes to what is possibly the best poster metals fall. Two bands with packing more than enough to turn alone and fill this room, accompanied by a supporting band of luxury such as Hell, with an excellent reputation live.

At the start so early (doors open at 6 pm), I did not have much time to check things like boiling around the room, but overall breathed the atmosphere of the big occasions. Kreator have always been a band of reference in Barcelona, generating a unanimous respect both the younger generation as the metallers life. And Arch Enemy is in the process of living a second youth, symbolized by the amazing vocalist change this year.

At 6:20 pm, and practically only a few groups of excited teenagers in the room, probably in front of one of his first concerts, stage left to the Drone, a band of German thrash / hardcore unknown force here, but good solvent 4 albums to his shoulders. While at first the echo of emptiness made the sound was very bad, as it was entering the people improved, ending the half hour performance amid general approval. A staging aggressive and very good attitude, and an excellent selection of topics, unknown to most of the attendees, and quite divided between albums. To highlight “Deepest Red,” “Welcome to the Pit” or “Hammered, Fucked and Boozed” with which they closed. Took the opportunity to note that they have been given to open a tour of this magnitude.


As the time approached for the performance of Hell, the room already had a more than worthy. And this English group is generating a buzz for its peculiar history and its energetic and theatrical performances.

For those who do not know, five cents history: Hell formed in the early 80s, under the umbrella of the NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal). Its leader, soul, singer, guitarist and principal songwriter named Dave Halliday, and at that time was considered one of the key figures of the underground movement. But even before he recorded a single album, and despite the fame enjoyed by non-commercial circuits, the group separated, and this caused a deep depression Halliday, who took commit suicide in 1987. the group maintained a cult status over the years, and more than two decades after being separated they decided to meet again and finally burn to disc topics only ran into models. To take the place of Halliday, the chosen guitarist Andy Sneap was (hungry producer, former classic British thrashers Sabbat and disciple Halliday) and actor Dave Bower voice. I never had the chance to see any video of Hell with Dave Halliday. They say they were really transgressive and controversial. Very transgressors now they are not, but the current line up is wonderfully musical and visually effective.


The concert began with the intro recorded his latest album “Gehennae fire.” Soon appeared gentlemen dressed in black, with rictus impassive and makeup roughly demònicament, who began playing the notes of the energetic and catchy “The Age of Nefarious.” I finally came Bower dress Christ and micro operator that left him unemployed and both hands free way to dramatize everything you lack time. The concert was very short, only 4 subjects: “The Age of Nefarious” “Blasphemy and the Master”, the excellent “End Days ov” and “On Earth as it is in Hell,” which served to close. A constant coming and going of poses and choreography by instrumentalists, simple and somewhat gimmicky and silly but fascinating, with Bower taking away all the color. Impossible eyes off the stage. The band sounded good and strong, with plenty of topics hook. There is a style that astonished me, this jebi so classic, but I loved the concert and leave wanting more. And judging by the comments of the public interest and faces during the concert, I was not the only one.


At this stage, the respectable already warm, and Razzmatazz was totally full. A poster room with two bands category is not so easy to see here, and the public responded in a nearly sold out. Recent visits to Barcelona Arch Enemy and Kreator (barring Rock Fest this summer) had been, only a couple of years at Razzmatazz 2 and Salamander room, so there are also groups out the sea well join this tour.

Since that last visit many things have changed for Arch Enemy. Most important, the withdrawal of its iconic vocalist Angela Gossow, a key element in the success of the group, and a pioneer among the following undisputed girls singing death metal. Has changed (as it does in this group often lately) the second guitarist. Christopher Ammot Nick Cordle and now, Jeff Loomis, Nevermore guitarist with style and presence that maybe stuck with best Megadeth (now, again, they lacked guitar) than with Arch Enemy. If that meant also the last concert of the tour of his previous album “Khaos Legions” (and the last with the band Angela), we are now in the midst of promoting his latest album “Eternal War” . And if nothing has changed here. Arch Enemy many albums have the formula for success (well, some success), and do not seem to have the slightest intention of changing it: the melodious guitar duels between Michael Ammot and whoever his partner in that time; Alyssa angry shouts and Angela, but equally fast melodic moments … and I like it, but it gives the feeling that maybe we’d heard that. Although many issues successor is resultón and singable, maybe missing a bit of experimentation and freshness.

This is the feeling I got Michael Ammot the soul of Arch Enemy, on stage … listless, a little cranky. There were problems that had helped with the sound of his guitar, which made a couple of times I had to disappear behind the scenes to complain to his technicians. The new singer, Alyssa White-Gluz, entered with great force and desire to take on the world. She is clearly inspired by many things for his predecessor. The site is Angela Gossow dificl deal, and while Alyssa has the charisma of this, he did wrong. The voice failed him on several occasions, and usually never sounded very defined, but it is also true that, live, also happened to Angela.


The first half of the concert, with “Eternal War”, “Ravenous”, “My Apocalypse”, “You Will Know My Name” and “Bloodstained Cross” was marked by an unclear sound, and a general feeling of something maranya . Jeff Loomis is also true that only a few days is with the group, despite its undeniable quality that we can not ask wonders integration. For me, the turning point came with “Under Black Flags March we”, one of my favorites of his previous “Khaos Legions”, which sounded like heaven and as guided by the flag waving in the hands of ‘Alyssa opened the second half extremely difrutable where everything seemed to finally click in place: the sound, the voice, the themes …. “as the Pages Burn” (new, that sounded better) “Dead Eyes See No Future”, “No Gods, No Masters”, “We Will Rise” and the inevitable “Nemesis” were perfect. Finally, a bit of “Fields of Desolation”, and finally the tape with “Enter the Machine” while members of the band says goodbye to a devoted audience. Disfrutada an hour and sweaty. The voice as a little waterfall sing both solo and chorus. Criticism may predicable setlist and the show in general, any new topic regarding his last visit, except for three “Eternal War”. They note maybe a little worn. We’ll see where evolve events for this band.

The diehard fans of Arch Enemy stepped back to let her die-hard fans of Kreator place while changing rapidly backline technicians and stage decoration. Black flags Arch Enemy spent a fairly bare stage, a pair of side panels Phantom Antichrist (I think), and neon lights on the bottom rather eighties. None of the two main groups had backdrop (if they did Drone and Hell), but had projections, really, they were a little watered down. Among the small amount of available wall and underpowered projector, the images were dim and undefined.

Kreator and Arch Enemy lead time as turning together. We have made up a few days ago by the United States, where the headliners were Swedes, and were accompanied by Huntress (perhaps to take advantage of the reef “metal band with female vocalist” and we will see in February accompanying Amon Amarth) and Starkiller. In Europe, however, the pull of Kreator is much higher. In many European dates this tour (the German principament) complete the poster Sodom and Vader, where it forms a triad of shit themselves, and certainly the best tour of the year. Undeniably Hell + Drone lack of such entity, but still a great poster.

I saw this last Kreator the Resurrection Fest last summer, and the truth is that I was impressed. For my taste were the best concert of the day, and clearly top-3 around the festival. Anecdotally, played on the main stage shortly after we did the headliners of the day, Megadeth, leading some (many) years with enough punch lack of live and comparison was humiliating for the poor and Mustaine her. So was eager to see the kings of thrash German room with a full show.

As an introduction sounded a theme and know that, with hindsight, I learned that it is “In the year 2525” by Zager & Evans some such. Immediately, another intro tapejada, and that if we knew all that. Under the notes of “The Patriarch” entered the stage and its Petrozza, to engage directly with “Violent Revolution” and see how the room was falling to the ground. The last album the band have been an incubator of new classics, and was a good example “Civillisation Collapse” and “From Flood Into Fire”, where everyone we left the neck and vocal cords. The Kreator has Returned. The truth is that, at the risk of sounding blasphemous to me the issues of the “last” album (meaning last from mid 90s) are far more enjoyable than the live album classics 80s Enteneu- me: I too was glad that touch “Extreme Aggression”, “Endless Pain” or “Pleasure to Kill” and I enjoy them like that, but they are antèmiques songs such as “Enemy of God”, “impossible Brutality “,” Phantom Antichrist “,” Hordes of Chaos “and the inevitable” Phobia “. I do not know if it is an opinion shared by many, but for me Kreator are now in the prime of his career. Their albums are undoubtedly vuitanteros pioneers and timeless classics, but to “Extreme Aggression” have a terrible production and execution at least doubtful. Later, with ups and downs, have achieved a sound extremely aggressive and sharp, accompanied issues easily become anthems. Clearly this can be positive or negative, depending on who you view it, but to me, especially when enjoying a concert, because I like it.

And I get the feeling that there are quite typical Kreator agree, in proportion as we have much more presence of new issues more or less than the classics. And considering that they are not presenting any album at the moment, I think it is a significant fact. In total, we had 6 issues of pre-Renewal, and 11 later, including their 9 of their last 3 albums. The curious twist of the evening gave the home twice, with a version of “The Number of the Beast” by Iron Maiden. It is clearly a hymn that everyone enjoys, but me personally, I prefer the original Iron Maiden. To conclude the concert twice and sounded excellent “People of the Lie” and the classic “Flag of Hate / Tormentor” which often used to close.

The group always sounded aggressive and compact, boasting a alemanyitat in execution. No frills visual mass (except some weird confetti cannons and even more rare gas gun was hoisted Mille Petrozza for a moment – the truth is that it reminded me a little Green Day and the launch of rolls of paper toilet -), were strongly downloading issue after issue before a entregadíssim Razzmatazz. Although it happen every year in Barcelona, the claque of Kreator is not enough, and they are watching apissonadora live the truth is that not surprise me at all.


In the end, about an hour and a half perfectly intense that left more than satisfied staff, feeling the atmosphere metallera evening to remember. Comment a little higher than I remember Kreator one of the best concerts of the Resurrection of this year. Well, it has also been one of the best concerts this autumn loaded. And for you I’ve lost mind, rather than later, the Kreator will return.