Raised Fist + Rise of the Northstar + Through the Lies, 31st of march 2015, Sala Razzmatazz 3 (Barcelona)

Warning: This is an automatic translation from the original blog post in catalan.

In life I’ve had a few albums which I obsessed, and usually correspond to the periods in which not we enjoyed unlimited access to music we have now. It was typical that the disks that could take the car or walkman / discman, or even at home, often on the same Foss. In the car, for example, there was a time when virtually the only listened to “The More Things Change” the Machine Head. Some time later was “Diabolus in Musica” of Slayer. Also remember scratch over and over again the “Ascendancy” and the Trivium “Making Enemies is Good” from Backyard Babies. And in an intermediate time, I listened as poss the “Ignoring the Guidelines” of Raised Fist. A disc as little aggressive, perfect sound, I caught mercilessly. I was lucky that at that time the Raised Fist went to Barcelona a few times: a garage, around 2001 (and I remembered that this was the last one I attended many concerts at this legendary hall) and The following year the KGB (a somewhat rare for a concert as well). I remember the two concerts were spectacular, I rarely remember how desfassar, still my shirts Raised Fist, bought one of these two concerts (I think the first …) is one of the few I get dozens of groups shirts I have in my teens. The album after “Ignoring the Guidelines”, “Dedication” because I did not catch dearly and even though I saw again the strange environment of the beach Masnou concert I did not get excited much less like the others, I stop following them so much interest. From “Dedication”, their sound has changed a little. Certainly have not lost aggressiveness, but if you have sacrificed a little speed and many environmental areas, such as alternatives. “Sound of the Republic,” “Veil of Ignorance” and the recent “From the North” are full of great songs with choruses excellent, but they are not the same.

Last year I had the chance to see them again, after years, the Resurrection Fest. Interestingly it was also his first concert after a few years of hiatus. They confirmed what I already feared: a great venue for a group become more harmless, and of course that I enjoy, but nothing to do with those concerts in the early 2000s.

It had been 6 years that Lulea no new material removed, and “From the North” is not at all disappointed. Follow the line of his two previous albums, with perhaps a little more darkness, and is full of aggressive and catchy songs. When it was announced that the tour would go to Barcelona, ​​and given the circumstances with him, I did not hesitate to join me. I did equivcar least.

It was a surprise entering Razzmatazz 3, which had a great look, and meet with a group that had not been announced anywhere, the masnovins “Through the Lies.” Very solvents, and proof that the school hardcore Masnou still alive. Hardcore aggressive without too inventions with similarities to the first Raised Fist themselves or their fellow citizens Hard Anal. They played half an hour long and left everyone satisfied with their lively music. A very good choice to start on hot environment and make themselves known. Surely more than one set in the evolution of this group.

The opening act was announced if one of the great attractions of the poster. The French “Rise of the Northstar” creiexent enjoyed popularity since they took their first EP a couple of years. Her pimp-style yakuza has good depth between the lads. Less than a month to Barcelona were part of the tour of Madball, but still caused much joy to be back here confirmed. Ojú, I’m not supposed especially since it is not a group that hooks me especially, but for what he had read and heard that if you liked the confirmation. Many people came to see them in concert especially for them, as it appeared on multiple shirts and pints of some fans, copying the style of the group members, Maloti attitude and black scarves.


This year also played at Resurrection Fest and was one of the groups that I missed. Well, actually I do not lose them to me at all, but I saw a couple of songs from a distance and I went on to another stage, combs for fun, but like me musically rather generic and rapejos too much for my taste. Now, in this concert, I had the opportunity to set myself better (and why not say it also hear their work study in more detail -which easy, because they only have one album and a EP -), and although I was not thrilled, that if I see grace. An image charismatic, very hardcoreta choreography and execution very precise and aggressive joined some good songs like “Demonstrating My Style Saiya” “Again and Again” and “Sound of Wolves”, left fans in awe and rest, at least interested. I kept me alert for almost the entire concert, at times genuinely enjoying it. Despite being probably something obvious I had not stopped to think clearly Biohazard influences in their sound, which is always good. There will be a group that put me to listen too from now, but that I could see. I guess your niche is limited, but they are a band that can only grow. So we will see how far reaching.


They did not take long to appear stars of the night. It breathed eager to see again Raised Fist Barcelona. So that at the last minute to get it sold out. The concert was mainly based on the last three albums (for some disappointment). The beginning with “Sound of the Republic,” “Flow” and “Chaos” (the latter of his new album). With “Some of These Times” and the emotional “Wounds” (two of my personal favorites from the last time) it was the Heat even more, and when the trio sounded “Pretext”, “Running Man” and ” Tribute “, the thing exploded. The energy that can generate these guys live a few groups can generate it. Not that they move dearly (in addition to the iconic frontman of his jumps, Alex Hagman), simply create something in the environment that catches the audience to go crazy. Specifically “Running Man” (sadly the only reference to my beloved “Ignoring the Guidelines”) was created chaos, with people flying and jumping from everywhere. Screaming with angry face, fist into the air. Spectacular. From here the temperature is not lowered. Things continued with “Killing It” (another of those chorus chanted throughout the room) and the “melodic” “Man & Earth” (perhaps my favorite of the new album), to close the short seven major the accelerated cafre “You Ignore Them All”. After retiring little returned to the stage to attack “Perfectly Broken” and one of its key themes, “Friends and Traitors”, which served now if, as a finishing touch. Just under an hour concert was short but, being so intense, you can forgive. What if they gave more angry is the lack of some old songs to the setlist. The “new” that touched me also had touched them all, but if you add two or three more songs like “Go Away”, “Breaking Me Up”, “Working on Wood”, “Stronger Than Ever” or “They Can t Keep Us Down “room had fallen to the ground and everyone had gone entirely satisfied. It is impossible not come partially satisfied with bolaco who sweaty crack and it worked out that all but two or three extra songs is all commented that it had become a great concert in a historic bolaco.

The themes of the new discs are fine. They are very corejables. They are aggressive, they are angry. But the moment that link the three old songs (“Pretext”, “Running Man”, “Tribute”) we were all breathless. And here is where I remembered my feelings in those early 2000. That concert 15 years younger I running out of breath during the concert by the whip absurd that you were falling everywhere. As I say, the energy is not lost at all, and what can I say, a full hour winded perhaps send me to the emergency room, at this stage, but two or three (or four) subjects had the pleasure endured.


If Raised Fist room to go over where you are, do not hesitate for a second. An intense band as very few. Authentic and honest.