Mastodon + Big Business + Krokodil, 8th december 2014, Razzmatazz 1 (Barcelona)

Warning: This is an automatic translation from the original blog post in catalan.

We finished the trio of excellent concerts metallers we could enjoy the great hall of Razzmatazz this fall with Mastodon. Possibly the most important metal band that has appeared this century, identified as one of the main hopes to take over from dinosaurs and refine itself as one of the leading bands in the coming decades. They have good ideas, and the go-ahead from the communities and metallera metallera. They are then ready for this step? If we trust his direct apabullant, certainly, but a band that wants to be really great concerts can not 1 hour and 20 minutes on the theoretical point of his career. So there is still a way to go.

The first thing that surprised all of this concert was the price: 35 euros, after applying the revolutionary tax Ticketmaster. For the media room and the opening act soon, this price seems a bit exaggerated.

I guess this was the main reason for the room, which presented a very good looking, not far from filled. I think it is a shame, because we could live a very good night.

Were responsible for opening the British Krokodil, a group formed by members of young force Sikth or Gallows, among others. This year they have released their debut album “Naschach.” A mixture of sludge deathcore touches not bad, but it contributes nothing special. For my taste, best live album, 5 songs downloaded in less than half an hour in front of a room full force now. Those chosen were “Shatter”, “Dead Man’s Path”, “Sun Riders”, “Reptilia Family” and “The Collapse”. The latter was perhaps the most important moment of a concert that left me quite cold in general. A group worthy and valid, but pulling vulgarillo.


Within minutes we had prepared the stage for Big Business. It was easy to prepare as it concentrated in a corner, there we had a battery, a microphone, and a bunch of screens below. I had understood that this group was a trio Oregon, but in this case we only attended two of its members. And the truth is that there was not more than one ball. A battery Coady Willis, visually spectacular and Jared Warren on bass and voice. A low thunder sounded, filling the place of a bass and two guitars. Amdbós musicians are also members of the Melvins. The Big Business has now 4 albums on his shoulders, although personally I have only heard (so if you listened well!) Last. Damn Spotify, which does not have more. Had tried some previous setlist of this tour and it seemed that only played tracks on this “Battlefields Forever”. Well, maybe this is what happened in other places, but there was not and played songs that unknown force. Above, also played two songs I like this last album (“Battlefields” and “Doomsday, today!”. However, the concert seemed excellent with a powerful sound and round and a remarkable rapport between the two musicians. in addition, despite being the most visually austere, it was impossible to look away from the stage to enjoy the skills and Warren Willis: especially the first, for its spectacular and the feeling that they were facing a 40-minute drum solo, but also bass, capable of not missing any time in the presence of guitars. Topics to include: “Chump chance”, “no vowels, “” Trees “and the final” Lonely Lyle. “I think that convinced the majority of those present. a concert to remember.


There was much excitement to see the Mastodon. Personally, for flutes or whistles, just had the chance to see them in the distant Furyfest 2005 (the first edition of what later became the Hellfest). Since then it has rained a lot and the growth of this band was unstoppable, undeniable making albums like “Blood Mountain” and “Crack the Skye”, demonstrating a constant evolution (which people may seem better or worse, is course), and a torrent of ideas unlimited in quantity and quality. They have managed to keep their distinctive sound, and have become undoubtedly one of the most influential bands of today metallera.

The dubious reputation that is said to live are rather irregular: they are not able to make voices sound like they do in the studio and, in general, are not always on the rise. If this is true (I do not deny that in other cases), here we were lucky: we were able to enjoy a flawless performance, one of the best sounds you remember the Razzmatazz (can also help was located opposite table), and precise and fantastic performances by four members and the group as a whole.

The group came to present his new album, “Once more ’round the sun,” which has generated quite opposite reactions. It is obvious that the opening in the sound, especially the introduction of these pests melodic choruses as the album, are sources of controversy. Some buy it without doubt, others accuse them of wanting to be too close to the mainstream. For me personally, I like the hard disk. I find it a very cohesive, well-crafted work, filled with songs excel.lents.Crec that one of the things that made Mastodon enjoy the respect it enjoys today is the consistent evolution that has proven hard disk. No record is same as above: they all have their own personality without straying from Mastodon sound so characteristic, but each has its own nuances. “Once more ’round the sound” does nothing different: it is a step in the evolution of the quartet of Georgia, and introduces new elements, more melodic, which did not exist in previous albums. It seems to me perfect and I think those who are already accusing sold are a little unfair.

When you hear “Once more,” click on everything, the disc is round, but if it is true that when you hear these issues among other topics this album is very noticeable increase melody presence of Brann Dailor voices , and more singable choruses that do not exist in previous works.

And the presence of the last album in the setlist was really significant: 8 8 Of the 18 subjects, I do not any left over, but maybe if that were lacking in some 10 others.

The concert began as does “Once More” with “Thread Lightly.” The first half completed the great successes of this album: “High Road”, “Chimes at Midnight”, the ultra-melodic “The MotherLoad” (which people seem to adore or hate), and which gives its name to the ‘album. Accompanied the “Oblivion”, “Blasteroid” and “Aqua Dementia”, representing the previous albums. So far the concert went through some ups and downs. At this point they played the relatively rare “Ol’e Nessie” unique representation tonight’s debut album, which was able to create a special atmosphere, which marked the beginning of the best concert. In fact, from now on because the thing was like a shot and became memorable evening.


“Halloween” sounded much better than the disk. “Aunt Lisa” with this chorus of cheerleaders (here made public cheerleaders) got me hooked and is one of my favorite songs “Once more ….” “Divination” raised cheers. Surprised with the strange and perfectly executed “Bladecatcher” linked (one of the best moments of the night) directly “Black Tongue”. “Ember City” was the best performance of his latest album, and the final trio “Megalodon”, “Crystal Skull” (the best song of the concert for my taste) and “Blood and Thunder” was spectacular. Incidentally, I was surprised that Bill Kelliher, guitarist with comb redneck happens rather unnoticed, is who sings most of the latter issue. In fact, except for some Corus not sing anything throughout the concert. Special mention the issue of voices Mastodon. They répondre contundenment doubts, with three of its members singing regularly at a good level. Troy Sanders shone especially to be more vocal and the thread that more charisma on stage, but the execution of Brent Hinds, dirty and scraped, and Brann Dailor, cleaner and melodic erased at a high level. Musically, such as composers and performers, the truth is that Mastodon eat separately.

We should also mention that decorated quite simple, just a backdrop to the reasons for the cover of their latest album. The merit of the stunning visual success of the concert was definitely the excellent job with the lights, which were capable of generating different environments and atmospheres intense and effectively.


And here all the good that was a lot. Now complaints: Mastodon as a group with 6 albums behind them, the theoretical peak of its popularity, it aspires to take over the big metal bands can not be touching bare 1 hour and 20 minutes . It is strange, because the tour to “The Hunter” were playing 24 or 25 subjects, whereas now they are being consistently 18. These extra 6 or 7 subjects had meant a big difference and touching 1h45min 2 hours not think anyone had anything to say. I think you missed the bottom of the catalog. No record, except the last, deserved more than 2 songs (mind, “Leviathan” 3). I especially enjoy everyone with these issues, whether “hits” or not. So I had received some more good.

And the final complaint: the environment “spring” that was in the room. We know that Mastodon are regarded among the elite group hipsterianes Barcelona (beginning to get sick because of this word). Perhaps as a result a surprising amount of people take the attitude (long Primavera Sound) be planted there without leaving the slightest during the concert. Even occasional sacsejos head. Res. Obviously I’m not one to say or how to say let people see the concerts, but if I am to say that this attitude creates an atmosphere somewhat Triston. If we compare, without going further, with the last gig we see in this room, the Kreator, where people generally went crazy and created a festive atmosphere that did not occur with Mastodon . Clearly, from a standpoint Hipster (ahem), perhaps this environment is rather Simplot, garrulo and generally undesirable. I do not know this already.

In short, an excellent gig, musically speaking, of Mastodon, where we also find some excellent Big Business. But if Mastodon want to step forward and claim that they were suspects, they need to extend their concerts. It was a shame that a group of this organization and did not make a good sold out in Barcelona.